- 2 new food dishes

- 2 global hacks: sleepfix and pregnant sims can do more

- Sims3 to Sims2 converted lizards and rodents

- baby and toddler blankets slaved to Maxis nursery table

(Recolors von Highwindine here)










Today I uploaded a request: default dinnnerware:

Moreover I converted my infantclothing so that you can now use one for boys and one for girls in your game at the same time. Look here for further instructions and download.















































This update was long overdue.

First a gorgeous soccer stadion created by Michalis.

By help and inspiration of Petzi two versions of default tombstones, available as decorative versions as well.

A default override for naked babys for story tellers.

1 toddler dress, requested by a friend of mine.

Some stuff I made for an advent calendar last year:

3 new food dishes, 4 hoodies for boys , 1 German Candle Arch, 1 animated Christmas Crown, 1 Recolor of my Christmas Tree , 1 Defaultreplacement for the in-game gift .















Today a bring you a functional wooden tree house for your little simmies and teens.