1. instructions for installation:

All downloads at this site are packed as rars. You´ll need WinRar or another rar-unpacking-program (e.g. UltimateZip) to unpack them.

Put the packages in your "Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/Downloads" directory. If you have Nightlife, you can create subfolders, it not, this will not work for bodyshopcomponents.

Put Collection files in your "Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/Collections" folder. You can create your own collections by using this simple programm.

2. CEP information:

The Color Options Enabler gives you the possibility to use recolors of objects which didn´t have a color alternative from the start. You can get more information about this useful programm here. Of course, you´ll also be able to download it there. Make sure that you always have the actual version installed.

Biggest thanks to the creators of the CEP!

3. information about meshes:

A mesh defines the shape of an object or bodyshop component. Some downloads use the original maxis meshes contained in the Simgames, other objects will need a custom made mesh to work. Always make sure that you download the respective mesh for a recolor you like.

On this site, a mesh can be simply detected because it is followed by a polycount. The polycount should be kind of a guide to you as to which objects you can safely use. As a rough orientation, a poly count of 800 for a one-tiled object should be all right. If you have an older computer, you should carefully use high-poly-meshes.

4. recoloring my baby wear:

1. Open the file sim2meinfantoverride01.package in SimPE by double-clicking on it.
2. Highlight "Texture Image" (in the "Ressource Tree"; the left frame on the top), then click on "Export" in the plug in view. Save the exported file.
3. Open it in the paint program of your choice, alter it to your liking and then save it under its original name.
4. Import your new file in SimPE, click "Commit", then go to "file" > "save as". Save the file under a new name now.
5. Move the new package to your downloads folder. Don´t forget to also move the three mesh files there.

5. help with creating your own stuff:

I´m a jurist and have two small children. With the little time left for this site, it would simply not be fair to spoil it by explaining over and over again how to create stuff for the Sims 2. There are enough tutorials on the web dealing with this topic, for instance here and here.

So don´t ask my to tell you how to create stuff for Sims 2.

6. conditions of use:

My downloads can be freely used. Recoloring is encouraged. The respective meshes can - but do not have to - be offered together with the new recolors. Credits in form of a link to my page would be nice.

Especially for houses and skins, these are, however, not necessary.