I converted the lizards and rodents which came with the new Sims3 EP for the Sims2. The animals and cages are fully, though not perfectly animated.
Watch this video to have a closer look on the strenghts and weaknesses of the animations.

The Pets EP is required. There is a second version of each of the pet meshes hacked so that they will not wake Sims sleeping in the same room.

Download the whole set: Standard / NoWake

The set contains...
...7 rodents (5 meshes/2 recolors):

squirrel cage: (nowake version) 1878 polys, same as all other rodent cages. This is the MASTER object for all pet cages included in this set, so do not delete the file sim2me_eichhoernchenkaefig. Comes with four recolors:

By request I also added two versions with womrats. One as default override, the other as additional mesh with unique GUIDs.

squirrel: 850 polys. The grey one is the mesh (included in the rar for the squirrel cage above), the brown one is rec1 and the dark brown one rec2. (sim2me_eichhoernchen.package)

chinchilla cage + chinchilla: (no wake version) 958 polys. (sim2me_chinchilla(kaefig).package)

hedgehog cage + hedgehog: (no wake version) 776 polys. (sim2me_igal(kaefig).package)

rat cage + rat: (no wake version) 926 polys. (sim2me_ratten(kaefig).package)

chipmunk cage + chipmunk: (no wake version) 906 polys. (sim2me_streifenhoernchen(kaefig).package)


...14 lizards (6 meshes/8 recolors):

red-headed rock agama + cage:
(no wake version) 2134 polys for the cage, same as for all other lizard cages. 972 polys for agama. (sim2me_agame(nkaefig).package)

lizard anole + cage: (no wake version) 1044 polys. The green one is the mesh, the brown one the recolor. (sim2me_anole(nkaefig).package)

chameleon + cage: (no wake version) 976 polys. The green one is the mesh, the blue one rec1, orange one rec2 and red one rec3. (sim2me_chameleon(kaefig).package)

iguana + cage: (no wake version) 1054 polys. The green one is the mesh, the light green one rec1 and the orange one rec2. (sim2me_leguan(kaefig).package)

texas spiny + cage: (no wake version) 996 polys. (sim2me_texanischedornechse(nkaefig).package)

toyoko gecko + cage: (no wake version) 992 polys. The blue one is the mesh, the black one rec1 and the yellow one rec2. (sim2me_toyokogecko(kaefig).package)